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Tips for buying fresh fish fillets

When buying fresh fish fillets you should always follow these hand tips :

1.smell the fillet , it should smell briny and fresh , not fishy and stinky.

2.feel the fillet, the fillet should be firm and Close to hard , not soft .

3.when buying salmon fillets , always make sure the Colour is close red and orange, if the fish is old it will be bright pink or even close to white .

Eating old meat can be very Dangerous ! It can cause you Salmonella poisoning, which usually results in diarrhea and vomiting and can require hospitalization in severe cases especially in those with poor immunity. Salmonella is a bacteria present in many foods, but can increase in numbers in old food . When the bacteria multiply, they are more likely to cause many illness.

So take care and be careful when you buy fish 🙂



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